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Apocalyptica 'Shadowmaker'

When the Italian craftsman that's credited with the perfection of the cello circa 1572, it's 'truly unlikely' the luthier could have anticipated the sonic blasphemies unleashed by Apocalyptica nearly four hundred years later. Initially conceived as a Metallica tribute, the group's full-length Plays Metallica By Four Cellos (1996) found them at the epicenter of intrigue. Now, the group has officially unveiled Shadowmaker.Read More


Kiske/Somerville 'City Of Heroes'

When Germanic giant Helloween 'evicted' Michael Kiske, many of us pondered the future options of the multi-octave vocalist. (He was often rumored as a pre-Blaze Bayley replacement in Iron Maiden) However, it appeared Kiske had abandoned his oft-influential roots. Fortunately, with the release of City Of Heroes by the duo Kiske/Somerville, the frontman is once again delivering the 'goods' with an ease.Read More


Nightwish 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful'

I'll be the first to admit that I truly love Nightwish. In fact, I've had an appreciation for their blend of traditional guitar, bass and drums with the elements of Classical music. A prime example of this is their eighth studio effort (and first with Dutch-born former After Forever soprano Floor Jansen as the vocalist), Endless Forms Most Beautiful. The sextet is now at long last poised for international dominance.Read More

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Mark Slaughter

Mark Slaughter

Having been born and raised amid the proverbial 'Golden Age' of Hair Metal, I had the unprecedented opportunity to bear witness to the genesis of many legendary acts. However, the resulting barrage of groundbreaking artists and groups would ultimately serve as the genre's undoing. Among the few acts to survive it were Slaughter. Recently, Mark Slaughter spoke with us regarding his stellar debut solo recordings Reflections In A Rear View Mirror.Read More

Mick Wall

Papa Roach

Just when my senses had been graced inundated with nearly every variation of the 'Heavy Metal' biography formula, I find my interests are genuinely piquéd. Don't get me wrong; even within the throes of my misspent childhood, I had devoted countless hours to voraciously devouring autobiographies and tell-alls. Needless to say, you can imagine my excitement upon discovering Black Sabbath: Symptom Of The Universe from legendary scribe Mick Wall.Read More





Let's face it folks; when the 'typically tumultuous' realms best known as the Heavy Metal and Sci-Fi/Horror genres collide, the cumulative end results are often highly disastrous. Even with the presence of full-fledged classics such as the Fear Factory classic Soul Of A New Machine, the vast majority of listeners remained unimpressed. As a result, you can only imagine our absolute excitement with Exotype and their stunning full-length release.Hear More

Maxxxwell Carlisle

Maxxxwell Carlisle

The Urban Dictionary best defines a nuts-winger as 'someone who follows ever move they make'. Although such a description may lack in originality, it does indeed accurately summarizes my feelings about notoriously muscle-bound shredder Maxxxwell Carlisle. In fact, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a disturbingly-dedicated fan of his distinctive, shred-laden tonalities in groups as diverse as the Neil Turbin's Deathriders and Hellion.Hear More




Dream Theater 'Falling Into Infinity'

Sick and tired of never winning merch from your favorite artists and groups? Click here to enter our exclusive, new Ghost Meliora Giveaway! Helmed by acclaimed Pop songster Klas Frans Åhlund Meliora finds the mysterious sextet offering a new message of self-determined freedom. Jam-packed with an often staggering array of Hard Rocking yet truly ear-pleasing wares, Meliora is once again seemingly guaranteed to leave all genuine and sincere Ghost enthusiasts begging for mercy.Read More


Megadeth 'Countdown To Extinction'

Sick and tired of never winning merch from your favorite artists and groups? Click hereto enter our exclusive, new Motörhead Bad Magic CD And Vinyl Giveaway! Fueled by ailing frontman Lemmy Kilmister, the Speed Metal legends have once again unleashed a thunderous slab of unadulturated Heavy Metal. Promising to improve upon the equally thunderous Aftershock (2013), Bad Magic finds the improbably long-running group issuing one of the finest new releases of their career. Read More


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