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Bullet For My Valentine 'Venom'

When the sub-genre Metalcore is discussed at length, thoughts often turn to the most obvious of choices (i.e. All That Remains, Every Time I Die and Unearth) without fully considering any alternatives. A prime example of this is the Osaka, Japan Dance/Electronicore quintet Crossfaith. 'Bursting' onto the scene in 2009 via their oft-stunning full-length debut The Artificial Theory For The Dramatic Beauty, the group soon amassed a rabid and fiercely dedicated following. Now truly poised to release the mighty Xeno, the group has once again found itself on the very verge of world-wide domination.Read More

Devil City Angels

Devil City Angels 'Devil city Angels'

A nut-swinger is best defined as 'one who hangs from someone's nuts; a person who will follow every move they make'. As generalized and unspecific as such a description may be, it does accurately summarize my feelings for Hard Rock 'Super Group' Devil City Angels. Comprised of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Brandon Gibbs, lead guitarist Tracii Guns, bassist Rudy Sarzo and drummer Rikki Rockett, the revamped group quickly assembled the material for their often stellar Century Media Records debut. They're ready to Rock 'n' Roll. But the question remains; are we ready to re-join them?Read More


Divides 'Brokentooth'

When I was first confronted with the debuts from Wolfmother, I'd dismissed them as 'the next big thing' I wouldn't enjoy. However, the singles “White Unicorn” and “Woman” quickly gained caused me to re-evaluate their Led Zeppelin-fueled menageries. While I'd failed to find the same excitement for the sophomore endeavor Cosmic Egg (2009), their inaugural offerings left a lasting impact on me. Fortunately for all parties involved, the group has at long last issued the oft-mighty Wolfmother (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition), a two disc retrospective that chronicles their Hard Rock origins.Read More

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Britny Fox


When the Glam and Hair Metal genres began to implode amid the strains of the Grunge 'phenomenon' circa 1991, many artists and groups that had once enjoyed success quietly faded from the limelight. This initially appeared to be the case with Britny Fox. Now, nearly twenty-five years after the release of Bite Down Hard (1991), the group has returned with a renewed vengeance. Recently, bassist Billy Childs was kind enough to speak with us regarding, among other things, new lead guitarist Chris Sanders. Read More



I'll be the first to admit that I've always been a fan of Los Angeles, California-based veterans Bulletboys. Although I'm not certain what initially piqued my interest, by the time 1993 had drawn to a close, the vast majority of their Ted Templeman-Produced debut had been etched into my nicotine-addled psyche. Now, twenty-two improbably long years later, I once again find myself entirely intrigued (or perhaps even obsessed) with the group's truly splintered lineages as well as with the release of the brilliant Elefanté.Read More

off the record with fabio jafet


Jet Black Holiday

What are the odds of this happening? Let me just put this out there. I'm a Director, mostly known for the Heavy Metal documentary Waking Up Dead. I'm now managing the band Jet Black Holiday. But how did this happen? In 2001, I was working for an EMI label doing EPKs and music videos for their new artists. One band in particular was called Fivespeed, featuring an oft-charasmatic lead vocalist named Jared Woosley. That's the last I'd heard of him until 2015 after I had discovered Jet Black Holiday.Read More

Skid Row

Do you believe in fate? The year was 1987 and was eerily similar to present day. I had landed a new music column where I would have complete creative control. The most obvious differences between the two is that my new online presence as a contributing writer for has a true worldwide reach and my position in 1987 reached only my high school Yuma, a.k.a. 'The Armpit Of Arizona'. As I write the first column for 'Off The Record With Fabio Jafet', can you guess the subjects?Read More





Let's face it folks; when the 'typically tumultuous' realms best known as the Heavy Metal and Sci-Fi/Horror genres collide, the cumulative end results are often highly disastrous. Even with the presence of full-fledged classics such as the Fear Factory classic Soul Of A New Machine, the vast majority of listeners remained unimpressed. As a result, you can only imagine our level of genuine and sincere excitement with Orlando, Florida-born quintet Exotype and their indescribably stunning full-length release.Hear More

Maxxxwell Carlisle

Maxxxwell Carlisle

I'll be the the first to admit my life-long affinity for shred guitarists. Although the collective works of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai once satisfied me, I ultimately found myself in search of something different. That's when we 'discovered' the oft-mighty Maxxxwell Carlisle. Ever since, I have been a disturbingly-dedicated purveyor of his distinctive tonalities in groups as diverse as ex-Anthrax frontman Neil Turbin's ever-morphing Thrash Metal project Deathriders and the now re-activated Hellion.Hear More




Ghost 'Meliora'

Sick and tired of never winning merch from your favorite artists and groups? Click here to enter our exclusive, new Ghost Meliora Giveaway! Helmed by acclaimed Pop songwriter Klas Frans Åhlund, Meliora finds the mysterious sextet offering a new message of self-determined freedom. Jam-packed with an often staggering array of Hard Rocking yet truly ear-pleasing wares, Meliora like it's predecessors, is once again seemingly guaranteed to leave all genuine and sincere Ghost enthusiasts (as well as some of their converts) begging for mercy.Read More


Motörhead 'Bad Magic'

Sick and tired of never winning merch from your favorite artists and groups? Click here to enter our exclusive, new Motörhead Bad Magic CD And Vinyl Giveaway! Fueled by ailing frontman Lemmy Kilmister, the Speed Metal legends have once again unleashed a thunderous slab of unadulterated Heavy Metal. Promising to improve upon the equally thunderous Aftershock (2013) and The Wörld Is Yours (2013), Bad Magic now finds the long-running group issuing what should be considered one of the absolute finest releases of their career. Read More



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