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Michael Schenker Fest 'Resurrection'


Michael Schenker Fest


Michael Schenker Fest

Still sick and tired of never winning merch from your favorite artists and groups? Trust us, we feel your pain! Fortunately for all parties involved, Nuclear Blast Records (the often kind folks that continue to bring you the latest and/or greatest auditory offering(s) from Accept, Nightwish and Wednesday 13) and www.BigMusicGeek.com, Your Online Music Authority, want you to win our exclusive Michael Schenker Fest Resurrection CD Giveaways! Produced and Mixed by the acclaimed Michael Voss-Schön, Resurrection features a staggering array of contributions from original Michael Schenker Group/MSG 'front men' Gary BardenGraham Bonnet and Robin McAuley. Fortified throughout by performances from vocalist Doogie White (La Paz, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen), keyboardist Steve Mann, bassist Chris Glen and drummer Ted McKenna, Resurrection is a musical journey that deftly combines the finest elements of Schenker's career.


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